The Student Hotel – Bed Talks Berlin

Bed Talks is the cornerstone event series produced by The Student Hotel. For each new hotel opening, a series of intimate talks take place followed by a special after party. In Berlin, 67 speakers participated in the event. On this project, our core role was as cultural consultant.


The Student Hotel


Cultural Consultant



Using the network we have built up through LOLA Magazine, we worked alongside the Student Hotel Connector to secure the lineup of speakers for Bed Talks Berlin. Through in depth conversations and meetings with The Student Hotel core creative team, we developed an understanding of the needs of the project. From there, we were able to curate a selection of high quality speakers that specifically met their requirements. We then used our connections and existing relationships to facilitate successful partnerships and bring the event to life.

In addition to the cultural curation, we produced a series of Bed Talks podcasts. In collaboration with Bear Radio Berlin, we interviewed speakers from the event and created five individual podcast episodes. The podcasts were professionally recorded on site an then edited by Bear Radio founder Jill Beytin.

As part of a media partnership we created a range of digital articles that were used for advance coverage of the event. We photographed and interviewed key protagonists to produce in depth features that were then published on LOLA Magazine.

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