Yony Leyser

Yony Leyser is an artist, writer, director, and educator with a focus on subcultures and queer history. He is best known for his three feature films, Queercore: How To Punk a Revolution, Desire Will Set You Free, and William S. Burroughs: A Man Within. For this project, we designed and built his website, wrote his bio, and conducted a photoshoot.


Yony Leyser


Design, Programming, Photography, Editorial



The website lives at yonyleyser.com, so you can head over there to see what it looks like. If you’d rather keep scrolling than clicking, here is a screengrab of the homepage. We think it’s rather pretty. Anita Sengupta designed the site, and our Technical Director, Allan Fitzpatrick, took care of all of the programming and coding.

Our Photography Director, Mario Heller, took Yony’s photographs, and they’re real good. The overall brief was to create a website, texts, and a visual identity that felt serious and professional yet captured Yony’s unique personality and approach.

Alice Austin wrote his bio, and then internally we added all of the content and information to the backend of the site. As with all of our websites, we build them in a way that empowers our clients with the ability to easily edit, add, and update all of the information themselves.

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