Viessmann – Next Generation Living

Next Generation Living is an online portrait magazine, focused on the people and organisations shaping the conversations of the future. We managed the project from conception to completion in collaboration with The Beam media and Viessmann. The project is now produced in collaboration with St Oberholz.


St Oberholz, Viessmann, The Beam


Creative Production, Design, Development, Editorial, Photography



This was a super fun and creative project to work on. We helped develop the overall editorial concept for the magazine and established the social media strategy. We then managed all aspects of the content creation and its ongoing production. We assembled and directed a team of more than 20 international freelance editors, writers, designers, and photographers to deliver the project. The Next Generation Living project is a full package of digital content, infrastructure, and web development.

Photo by Robert Rieger

For every feature, we met with the protagonists on location and conducted an in depth documentary and portraiture shoot. We worked with an international roster of freelance photographers from Germany, USA, Denmark, Amsterdam, Estonia, Italy and Sweden.

We conducted in depth interviews with the protagonists, again using our international roster of freelancers.  The features were written in long form style and sub edited to maintain the highest quality. When combined, these texts and the extensive imagery made for rich, detailed editorials.

We also managed the social media accounts for the project. For Instagram, we carefully curated the feed to best represent each feature and the overall project. We also designed special Instagram stories for each feature, and created a site section called Interactives to host them on.

Episode one of ‘The Alps Are Changing’ video miniseries featuring freeskier Max Kroneck.

As a sub project within Next Generation Living, we also produced the video miniseries The Alps Are Changing. We traveled to various locations in Germany and Austria to interview, film, and photograph different people connected to the Alps. We learned how climate change impacts their lives in the mountains and what the future may bring.

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