Oh Yeah – From Belfast To Berlin

There are real similarities between Belfast and Berlin. Both cities have experienced significant trauma and divisive walls, yet both are also wellsprings of music and creativity. To showcase the positive side of Belfast and the quality of its homegrown talent, the Oh Yeah Music Centre brought a number of bands to Berlin to showcase the Northern Ireland Music Prize. We have an ongoing partnership for this series, providing services including video and event production.


Oh Yeah Music Centre


Videography, Event Production


2016, 2019

In 2019, Oh Yeah brought over the bands Hot Cops, CHERYM and ArvoParty to Berlin. Over the course of a number of days, the bands visited different centres connected to music in Berlin. The trip culminated in a live performance from the bands at Rotbart in Neukölln. We followed and filmed the bands around during their trip to create a documentary video for the occasion.

For the From Belfast to Berlin event in 2016, Oh Yeah brought over four bands from Belfast to Berlin. We managed the production and promotion of the event within Berlin. This entailed sourcing and booking the venue as well as organising logistics and personnel. The event, which took place at Loophole, was also digitally documented on LOLA Magazine.

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