Lola & The Bean

a Berlin-based content agency

We specialise in all aspects of content creation.

design &
social media.

Lola is a pedigree black Labrador from Ireland. She’s majestic, beautiful, composed. The Bean was a busted Chihuahua from Malta with health problems. She was scrappy, loveable, surviving.

We think our clients are like these dogs. Some are slick machines that just need help in presenting their best side, whereas others need a little more attention and tlc. It’s not related to size – even the biggest companies in the world need support.

Sometimes you’re the Lola, sometimes you’re The Bean.

Let’s take a walk together.

About Us

LOLA & The Bean is the creative agency wing of LOLA Magazine.

Jonny Tiernan

Managing Director

Allan Fitzpatrick

Technical Director

Lisa Gradl

Art Director

Mario Heller

Photography Director

Cathy Bijur

Editorial Director

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    Lola & The Bean

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